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One-Year Return on Investment...

“The SCROMMEL Goldmine is a great idea. They’ve kept the machine simple, so anybody can use it. I paid for my entire reclaimer, and settling basins in one year! I had to have a system that was environmentally friendly, yet simple to use. I didn’t want an expensive, complicated system that required changing my mix designs. I believe in giving the customer what they paid for, and the SCROMMEL allows me to do that. I’ve been in business almost 50 years now, I know what I like and what works.” Lowell, Sonora, California - USA

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Clean Rock and Sand...

“We had to have reclaimers that would work in the winter, as we have a year round market. Our SCROMMELs have met all our needs. They are simple to use and maintain. The rock and sand are cleaner than what we get from our suppliers, and last but not least is the unsurpassed service. They do what they say, when they say they will do it, and the equipment does what it’s suppose to. If you want a ready mix reclaimer, the only place to look is at SCROMMEL.” Ron Albright, Hanover, PA


$36K saved in 90 days...

“My SCROMMEL Reclaimer has been great, it does everything they said it would. The Return On Investment has been phenomenal. We recovered over $ 36,000.00 worth of rock and sand in the first 90 days, and it’s cleaner than what I get from my supplier. The drivers can blow out into it and go. Our yard is much cleaner and our rinse water problem has been solved. I like the simple design, it works. I cannot say enough about the reclaimer and the factory assistance. I have been in the ready mix business my entire life, this is by far and away the best reclaimer I have ever seen.” Mike Stankwytch Wando Concrete, Charleston, SC

Wando Testimonial

Minimal Maintenance...

“We watched one of our competitors SCROMMEL for 3 or 4 years prior to purchasing ours. We’ve had ours for 3 years and are very happy with it. The rock and sand are very clean, and there is minimal maintenance. I wish all my equipment worked as well as the SCROMMEL” Doug Daugherty Capital Concrete, Lincoln, NE

Capital Concrete

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