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The SCROMMEL simplifies your operation, eliminates environmental problems while making you money.

A Ready Mix Cement Reclaimer should be a Profit Center... There have been many different reclaimers produced over the years. Some have just separated the cement from the aggregate while others, on the other end of the scale, have attempted to blend the cement back into your mix designs. The thing all these reclaimers have had in common, is they have been high maintenance and have cost more to operate than they earn. Other Reclaimers cost more to operate than they earn. The SCROMMEL has been designed with the bottom line in mind. SCROMMEL’s low price, simple design, and the outstanding quality of recovered rock and sand has made the SCROMMEL unmatched in the reclaimer business. The SCROMMEL simple design has remained virtually unchanged for 10 years. The reason why? SCROMMEL’s Reclaimers work!


Rock & Sand - The recovered rock and sand is generally cleaner than what you get from your aggregate supplier. The rock is washed twice before being conveyed to the stockpile. The sand is washed 3 times, the last wash being in a separate basin of clarified water. It doesn’t matter what the mix design is. The rock and sand come out clean and re-usable. Water - All water used by the SCROMMEL to clean up your leftover concrete, and to rinse out your truck drums comes from the closed loop pit system. Save your valuable fresh water for your mix designs. Many producers will locate their truck rinse-off station so the process water drains into the pits. Every gallon of water saved is important. Truck Time - Bringing the truck back to the plant to discharge, saves you truck time. No “ Lost Drivers” or cigarette breaks at the block forms. The drivers simply discharge into the SCROMMEL, and are free to take another load. The SCROMMEL continues to process the leftover material after the truck is long gone. Reduced Aggregate Cost - Every ton of material recovered is a ton you don’t have to bring in or haul out as waste. Producers report savings of 5-10% on their annual aggregate cost. Fewer trips to the quarry means reduced wear and tear on your trucks and more MONEY in your pocket. Energy Savings - Many reclaimers have mixing paddles in tanks that run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The SCROMMEL only runs for short periods after the trucks discharge into it, thus saving you energy. Overall Energy Savings - Recovering the rock and sand on site, versus the energy used to go get the aggregate, let alone the energy expended on digging it out of the ground, and processing it is phenomenal. We have seen instances of energy saving up to 108 times more efficient, without calculating in the cost of digging and processing. Some producers qualify for energy savings grants. Environmentally Sound - The SCROMMEL recovers 100% of your rock and approximately 95% of you sand while containing all process water is a closed loop system. Normally water and aggregate accounts for approximately 85% of you mix design. Worst case, you reduce your waste stream by 85%. Many producers are finding uses for the spent cement, reducing their waste disposal cost to zero. Some of these uses include using the spent cement as an agricultural lime, as a neutralizer for manure in feedlots and dairies, as part of their road base material, as cushioning sand under paving projects, as a backfill material, and as an ingredient in flow-able fill. Flexible Design - The SCROMMEL is offered in 4 different sizes to meet any producer’s requirements. Multiple truck designs allow 1 to 3 trucks to discharge at a time. The material discharge hopper can be mounted on the right side, the left side, or on the rear of the unit. The secondary sand screw can be set any direction you would like. Driver Friendly - All SCROMMEL Reclaimers feature automatic start and stop. The driver doesn’t have to do a thing. The SCROMMEL starts as the truck approaches the reclaimer. The driver simply gets out, opens the valve to take on water, and then spins up his load and blast out into our cone shaped hopper. The cone shaped hopper allows the driver to discharge as wet as he wishes. The slump does no matter. Since he is using reclaimed water from the pits, there is no need to babysit him concerning water usage. The driver is happier and your truck drums stay cleaner longer.

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