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How a SCROMMEL Reclaimer Works...

The SCROMMEL is designed for those hard to clean mix designs: + GROUTS + PUMP MIXES + FIBERMESH + HIGH SAND / CEMENT SCROMMEL'S process is very simple and reliable. Your driver simply soups up his mix and discharges it into the washout pan. The mix flows down into the first screw, where the rock and sand are rinsed. The rock and sand are then conveyed up into the SCROMMEL where they are once again rinsed and then screened. At this point, the rock is discharged. The sand drops into the second screw for a third rinse, dewatering and final conveyance into the stockpile. The rock is rinsed twice, the sand three times. You'll be amazed at how well it cleans. SCROMMEL's are offered in several different sizes to meet every application. SCROMMEL incorporates over 15 years design and manufacturing experience. We build a HEAVY DUTY reclaimer that WORKS!


What makes Scrommel the best built Ready Mix Reclaimer?

The Only Proven and Reliable Ready Mix Reclaimers on the Market Today... Developing the world’s best built Ready Mix Reclaimer does not happen overnight. It takes an immense knowledge of ready mix chemistry, onsite experience, and engineering know-how to get the job done right. Over a decade ago SCROMMEL matched its experience with over one-hundred ready mix suppliers to develop the ultimate machine. The original prototype was designed was based on the following criteria: + It should require virtually no maintenance. + It had to be durable and resistant to abrasion. + It had to provide clean rock and sand no matter what was fed into it. + It could not rely on the Truck Driver to run it. + It had to be a Profit Center. The result was a truly game-changing design that solved all of the problems associated with ready mix reclaiming and past reclaimers.

The SCROMMEL Advantage:

+ Cleaned rock and sand can be used in your mix designs. It doesn’t have to be stored and then sold as a backfill product. + SCROMMEL reclaimers are available with wear shoes for areas where granite and other abrasive aggregate is used. + SCROMMEL material discharge heights are high, eliminating the need for additional conveyors or frequent trips by the loader operator. + SCROMMEL reclaimers are flexible; the discharge pan can be rotated right, left or center. The second screw can be mounted going any direction, except straight back. + The SCROMMEL screen design and placement, eliminates the wear between the screen and screw, while rotating to self clean itself of fibermesh. + SCROMMEL options include 2 and 3 truck discharge models and large discharge hoppers. + SCROMMEL reclaimers are designed to set on flat pads, using jumbo blocks for support as well as bunker walls, very . . .practical and cost efficient. + Last and most important, is our service and price. We have a man on site prior to ordering to make sure the pit system is adequate, and then again upon start up to assist with any questions that may arise.

For more information, please contact Scrommel at 785-825-7771 or by email at info@scrommelreclaimers.com

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